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We are Testudo, and we believe that everybody has a home. And by home, we mean a company that is ideal for you. We spend are a large portion of our time working with people to give them the very best chance of getting the gig. Unfortunately interviewing is not fair and it is not easy, especially when you really want the job! We are here to make sure you don't blow it, so our team have come together to give you our perspective on how to nail and bring home the bacon!

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Job Boards are not equal. Some job boards are simply better for different needs but it is a horses for courses subject. Some are branded better, and may attract a rarer fish. Some are expensive because they attract more specific candidate pool and others just market far and wide, as far as the internet will allow them. If you are a job searcher, it makes perfect sense to cast your net far and wide in most cases, but employers will have difficulty controlling the perspective unless you understand the major differences that each job board will offer. Why should you being using indeed.com?

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recruitment = marketing


Regardless who has left your company, replacing them should always be regarded as an opportunity. The opportunity might just be flesh blood can inject fresh energy into the company and it's team members but the opportunity I am referring to is marketing vacancies. Recruitment should be regarded as an opportunity to make your company stand-out against the competition. Note: the key word there is stand-out. There are some things companies do, particularly on the social platforms that neglects to make them stand-out and we believe you may be making a mistake here.

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