Why You Should Be Using Indeed.com

Job Boards are not equal. Some job boards are simply better for different needs but it is a horses for courses subject. Some are branded better, and may attract a rarer fish. Some are expensive because they attract a more specific candidate pool and others just market far and wide, as far as the internet will allow them. If you are a job searcher, it makes perfect sense to cast your net far and wide in most cases, but employers will have difficulty controlling the perspective unless you understand the major differences that each job board will offer. Why should you being using indeed.com?

Indeed job site

So Why Indeed?

Put simply, Indeed is an aggregate board. It is the largest in the UK, and if you search throughout the internet you will notice many companies that are affiliated with Indeed. Smaller jobs board occupying different sections of the internet will link identical job descriptions from Indeed, even displaying the same segments of text/font as Indeed. It is actually this which is part of the success of Indeed, they use other credible companies linking to their content to leverage their  own website


Well, if you are looking to get the best overview of jobs available in the market, Indeed is the most helpful. It will pull through sponsored posts from Totaljobs.com, Caterer.com and many other websites meaning that you will see a broader spectrum of available positions, even if an employer does not upload their vacant position directly to Indeed their-self. 

What if you are an employer?

Indeed for employers is a gift and a curse. Whilst you can easily find your positions reaching the deepest, darkest corners of the recruitment advertising space, you may find that much of it being unwanted attention. If you work in a high-volume sector such as facilities management recruiting large amounts of cleaners or security officers this will make sense. If you goal is to attract specific skill set such as a chartered surveyor or anyone that would have endured lengthy education to gain their employment, efforts might be better placed in specialist job boards.

It is a horses for courses scenario, but we highly recommend using indeed.com.