Recruitment is Marketing

12th August 2021

Regardless of who has left your company, replacing them should always be regarded as an opportunity. The opportunity might just be flesh blood can inject fresh energy into the company and its team members but the opportunity I am referring to is marketing vacancies. Recruitment should be regarded as an opportunity to make your company stand out against the competition. Note: the keyword there is stand-out. There are some things companies do, particularly on the social platforms that neglect to make them stand out and we believe you may be making a mistake here.


Here is the current normal:

Social platform: I am hiring for *insert job title* with a link to an internal advert plus salary and location. Please try and contact me on this number if you are interested...

Job Advert: Boring list of things you will be responsible for, our requirements all spiced up with words like an excellent opportunity has arisen!

If you are doing the above, you are not understanding the full scope of what you are doing, nor are you leveraging any real selling points. Sometimes I read adverts on LinkedIn which do not even have a link to a website, social page, or even the company logo.


As a recruitment agency, our job is simple. We sell the person or we sell the company. When we are selling the company, we offer several packages but our top package is an overhaul of marketing the client's brands on each advert and we focus on selling the core offerings and benefits with visual and vocal attraction. If you are doing this as an internal function and not using an agency, look at all the possible benefits that your company can offer from location, flexibility, accomplishments, even people who have been in the role advertised and where they are today (hopefully still there).


Reveal your company in all of it's glory. Time to get passionate when attracting people who could literally transform the sector. Show them everything from salary all the way down to the benefits such as pensions, paid leave. You would be amazed about how many people get a bad deal with their employment contracts. Do you allow work flexibility? Tell them. Do you offer professional development training? Show them. Give them the whole lot! Everyone between you and the successful candidate will be people who will now know your business, the brand and hopefully, they will associate the company with positive admiration of your efforts to please the hard-working people within the company.