Regional Manager - Restaurants & Retail

Greater Glasgow
Interviewing 1 month notice

Candidate Profile

An excellent regional manager with over 10 years experience in the food, beverage and retail management sector focussing on delivering a productive work environment and maximising profits for public limited companies, this degree educated candidate is looking to make that step into a new environment.

Their career began in retail restaurants with a 5 year stint for a national restaurant brand, where they were responsible smashing key performance indictors, maximising profitability by using their energy, charisma and drive to ignite an atmosphere that created a chain reaction of positive word of mouth in the local areas. They were thinking further ahead, when they were approached to join an enormous brand that is known globally, but they had the opportunity to take on bigger teams, more challenging services but ultimately offering him the career progression needed to climb the ranks.

Currently a regional manager, they moved to the larger city of Glasgow which they were then responsible to turn around some challenging locations, to maximise the more stagnant locations but ultimately, deliver a return for their regional directors which gladly they have achieved with a massive YoY of 34% profit. 

Skills and Achievements:
  • Degree in Retail Management
  • 10 years experience in retail, food and beverages
  • Excellent track record of YoY and business genius.

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Salary Required
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Notice Period
1 month
BA Business Management Retail and IOSH

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