Catering Manager

Interviewing 1 month notice

Candidate Profile

From the Kitchen to Kitchen Manager this candidate has experience to excite your taste buds we are talking about 10 years management experience for a specialist contract caterer.

Their experience began working in the kitchen, literally as an assistant before learning from the executive chefs and taking various roles within the kitchen. Being able to relate to your team is a great skill, it means you can genuinely appraise a person work but be able to give hands on demonstration when coaching or mentoring. 

Excellent KPI's for the 6 years of their current contract as they delivered to public sector organisation, a proven track record in managing difficult customer with challenging volume to deliver. They then took on multi site experience, this is a challenge as you learn to remotely manage, whilst maintaining excellent relationships with the client and make sure you hit your numbers for that month.

Skills and Achievements
  • 10 years experience in Kitchen and Catering Management
  • Hands on leader with a passion for food.
  • Excellent communicator and KPI scores

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Salary Required
Portsmouth View Map
Notice Period
1 month
Health & Hygiene NVQ

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