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A polished candidate with over 14 years of bar management in a popular restaurant and bar establishment managing a team of 20 people, delivering nigh club atmospheres in the evening and excellent health and safety standards for a profitable business.

Career began in working on a front desk for small business selling baked goods, they soon went on to other businesses where she became a supervisor and eventually a manager within a restaurant. Creating a welcoming atmosphere, developing the customer experience to increase the local awareness of their business. Soon spotted by a national brand which gave her the opportunity to take a challenging environment that is a entertainment venue, bar and a restaurant.

This candidate has analytical mind, where they can reel off figures easily from past performance and creating spreadsheets to calculate business analyse, understanding where their bread and butter business is really coming from. They even got references from previous employees that no longer work there that give an honest and thoughtful breakdown of what it is like to work with this candidate.

Skills and Achievements
  • 14 Years Experience in retail restaurant, bars and entertainment.
  • Financially savvy, with a gift for business analysis
  • Outgoing personality, warm and personable

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Internal Courses including HR and Finance Management

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