General Manager - Leisure and Tourism

Will Relocate 2 month notice

Candidate Profile

A General Manager who is passionate about giving customers the best experience possible. After years of working for leading leisure brand David Lloyd as a membership consultant, they went on to become a General Manager that managed the sports, leisure, health and well being as well the overall profitability of one of their multi-acre site.

This foundation  in customer experience created a passionate brand ambassador to impact peoples lives through giving the very best experience they can have on holiday. As a site lead for a holiday destination, you will find they have a heavy input on the services delivered, the overall maintenance and the team management of this destination that is a 1 - 2 week get away for a multitude of UK residents.

Currently looking to take on a role where they can really have an impact in strategic offerings and success of a brand they really want to be behind. They are financially savvy, analytical minded and prepared to work the hours necessary.

Skills and Achievements 

  • Experienced General Manager in Leisure and Tourism
  • Budgetary experience managing budgets over £100,000
  • People orientated and passion about customer experience

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Salary Required
Taunton View Map
Notice Period
2 month
Human Resources NVQ

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